Pain can significantly impact a patient’s recovery as well as their overall quality of life, which makes effective and efficient pain management crucial to their comfort, recuperation and emotional and physical well-being. Our team of Doctor’s provide in-depth knowledge of each patient’s condition and enables the physicians to tailor their pain treatment plan.


David Christopher Morse, M.S., D.C


Chiropractic Medicine Physician

Sports Rehabilitation Specialist

Sub-specialty in MSK Diagnostic Ultrasonography

Regenerative Medicine Case Management

308 Smokey Ln

North Little Rock, AR 72117

(501) 771-2799


Dr. Morse has a passion for Chiropractic and Physical Medicine.  His Chiropractic Medicine focus is on orthopedic traumas, scoliosis, motor vehicle collision injuries, and cervical/ lumbar disc herniations.  He enjoys providing patients with physical therapy and rehabilitation programs to save them from surgery if possible and maintaining an enjoyable lifestyle without pain.  His primary passion is focused on Regenerative Medicine and severe/ complicated cases.  Dr. Morse is trained in preparation and case management for Platelet Enriched Plasma (PRP) injection procedures.  These patient cases are extremely complicated and typically have received minimal improvement with traditional medical care, physical therapy, chiropractic care, or corticosteroid injections for their condition.  As a physician and a cellular biologist, Dr. Morse determines qualifying candidates for the PRP injection procedure by reviewing a patient’s entire case: past treatments/ medications, ordering thorough laboratory and blood analysis, orthopedic/ neurological/ vascular examination, if applicable reviewing MRI, CT, Xray, Digital Motion Xray Analysis, and Diagnostic Ultrasound exams.  His true passion is on the future of stem cell/ regenerative medicine treatment for ligament, tendon, muscle, and skeletal conditions.  Dr. Morse stays up to date on all Integrative and Regenerative Medicine Procedures as the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) approves and releases government studies and research for what is safe and the most effective for patients in Orthopedic and Neurological Medicine.  His goal is to assist and provide unique and advanced treatments for patients that have failed or received minimal improvement with traditional medicine and therapies.  He is trained in Spinal, Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist/ Hand, Hip, Knee, Ankle/ Foot rehabilitation and diagnostics to determine and provide the most effective treatment returning patients to an improved lifestyle.